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VisNetic MailFlow

Support Contracts

Deerfield Communications provides a variety of support contracts including; Priorty Support w/Remote Assistance, 7/24/365 Priority Support, as well as Installation/Upgrade/Database Migration Contracts.

MailFlow Email and Priority Support Agreements are designed to assist you with your day to day support needs, and are available during office hours Monday - Friday 8-5 PM EST.

Email and Priority Support Agreements may also be used for installation, upgrades, and migrations however there is no guarantee of an immediate response, and assistance may not be available until the next business day.

MailFlow 7/24/365 Priority Support Agreements include all the benefits of a Priority Support Agreement plus a guaranteed 1 hour response time, all the time.

We introduced Installation/Migration/Upgrade Support Agreements to accommodate customers that prefer to perform these processes after working hours, and our standard support is typically only available 8-5 EST.

The Installation/Migration/Support Agreements allow you to schedule the process with a support engineer, who will be online and available via a remote session should any issues arise.

VisNetic MailFlow Priority Support

VisNetic MailFlow Priority Support includes Priority Email, Live Chat, and Scheduled Remote Assistance.

Priority Support - Cost dependent on license size: $349.95 to $949.95 Buy Now

Priority Support 7/24/365: $1995.95 Buy Now

Priority Support Includes:
  • Remote Assistance
  • Help configuring VisNetic MailFlow and questions related to its operation
  • Troubleshooting of Routing Rules, Message Sources, Message Destinations, Processing Rules, and Access Controls
  • Help with configuration of Agents & Groups, Alerting, Basic Database Maintenance Settings, Message Handling, Reporting, Scheduled Tasks, Security, TicketBoxes, and Tickets
  • Restoring Archives
  • DNS / Network Configuration Assistance
  • Analysis of MailFlow File System and Database Logs
Not Included:
  • Database Upgrade or Migration to another Server
  • 3rd Party Products and Networks (excluding SQL and IIS)

VisNetic MailFlow Installation/Upgrade/Migration Support

Contract entitles customer to Remote Assistance, Email and Live Chat options for assistance with Moving MailFlow and SQL Database to a new Server, Migrating, Upgrading, and Installing VisNetic MailFlow.

Cost $279.95 Buy Now

Installation/Upgrade/Migration Support may include:

  • Configuring Web Server (IIS)
  • Installation & Configuration of Database for use with VisNetic MailFlow
  • Installing VisNetic MailFlow
  • Configuring a Message Source, Message Destination, TicketBox, Routing Rule, and Admin Agent Account
  • Backup of Existing MailFlow Database
  • Restoring MailFlow Database
  • Upgrade Existing MailFlow Database
  • Migrate Existing MailFlow Database to a new SQL instance
  • Moving VisNetic MailFlow to another Server
  • Scheduled Remote Assistance
  • Email Support
  • Firewall / DNS / Network Configuration Assistance
Not Included:
  • 3rd Party Products and Networks
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