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VisNetic MailFlow

Coming Soon to MailFlow...

A look at additional enhancements we are working on.

Coming Soon:

Agent to Agent Instant Messaging
Agent Status / Office Hours (Available, Away, Out of Office)
Office Hours - Routing Rules
Extend Remote Reply to Owned Tickets
Outbound Marketing - Query Contacts / Bulk Mailer
Extend MyContacts to include full Contact Data & creation of Contact Groups
Standard Responses - Spell Check, Export/Import, Multi-Organization Support
Extend HTML support to Notes
Option to require selection of Ticket Category
TicketBox level Approval Queue
Custom Ticket States
Follow-up Notifications on Assigned Tickets
Firefox Browser Support
Much more...

Have a feature request for VisNetic MailFlow or would like to comment on the above list? Send us your feedback via our Contact Us page.

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