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VisNetic MailFlow

What's New in MailFlow 6.5

MailFlow 6.5 introduces Support for additional character sets (charsets) which allow messages written in languages that utilize non ASCII characters (Chinese, Japanese, etc…) to be saved and replied to. Ticket and Message Subject, Message Body and Email Address Real Names include this new Language Support.

Agent Session database synchronization allows multiple Web Servers or an IIS Web Garden to provide the Web based Agent interface. This functionality makes VisNetic MailFlow Load Balance and Cluster friendly.

Global Office Hours have been extended to add Custom Office Hours for Message Sources, Message Destinations and Custom Routing Rules. This allows each object to process on its own schedule either during or outside custom defined Office Hours.

Support for SQL Real Text Search has been added to Ticket Search on Message and Ticket Subject and Message Body. Ticket searches using "contains" on Subject and Body can optionally utilize this new feature, which greatly reduces the time required to perform the search. Ticket Search has also been extended to allow the search of Custom Ticket Fields.

Database Maintenance can now be scheduled to be performed on specified days of the week, which allows for weekly maintenance in addition to daily.

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