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What's New in MailFlow 6.1

MailFlow 6.1 introduces Contact Email Verification, email addresses are tested for validity with invalid addresses being marked and optionally removed from Contact Groups and MyContacts or deleted from the system. Email Verification can greatly reduce undeliverable email and help keep your contact records up to date.

Improved Custom Ticket Fields will allow you to add Select boxes that can include an unlimited number of selectable options. Checkboxes have also been added. These two new Custom Ticket Field types are in addition to the existing Text type Custom Ticket Fields.

A new option to remove the Ticket Tracking data from the Subject of outbound messages and place it in the message headers has been added to MailFlow 6.1. This new option allows organizations to mask the fact that they are utilizing an email management ticketing system.

Bulk Settings allow the Administrator to simultaneously apply settings to multiple Agents, TicketBoxes, Custom Routing Rules, Message Sources and Destinations. This feature greatly simplifies system management and saves time by not having to edit individual objects.

Email Verification

Enable the email verfification system to have MailFlow check the validity of email addresses against the mail server host that accepts email for the account.

The frequency that addresses are verified is selectable which allows the MailFlow administrator to keep the contact records up to date and accurate.

Email addresses that are marked as invalid can optionally be removed from Contact Groups and/or Agent's MyContacts, minimizing the chances of the address being used in an outbound message.

Additional options can be enabled that assist in the verification process. Addresses that are used in an outbound message but fail delivery can be immediately marked as invalid. Addresses that are used in outbound messages that are successfully delivered can be marked as valid.

Custom Ticket Fields

MailFlow 6.1 introduces two new Custom Ticket Field types, Select Lists and Checkboxes. The select list field type can be configured with an unlimited number of selectable options. Both new field types can optionally be dispayed in Ticket lists along with the other Ticket data.

Custom Ticket Fields can be set with a default value or to requrire a selection before an Agent can send an outbound message. These features aid the MailFlow administrator in enforcing workgroup policy by requiring certain Ticket data be populated./p> Ticket Tracking

This highly requested feature allows the MailFlow administrator to place Ticket Tracking Data in the header of outbound messages instead of it being placed in the Subject or Body. This greatly improves the appearance of outbound messages and eliminates the necessity of instructing the recipient to leave the tracking data in place.

The tracking data is added to the Message-Id header of all outbound messages and when those messages are responded to by the recipient the tracking data is copied to the In-Reply-To and/or References message headers. MailFlow parses the tracking data from the inbound message headers and routes the message accordingly.

Bulk Settings

The MailFlow administrator can simultaneously apply one or more configuration settings to one or more Agents, TicketBoxes, Custom Routing Rules, Message Sources or Message Destinations.

This new feature simplifies MailFlow management and allows the administrator to quickly modify system settings.

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